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“DC4 resurrects and reinvigorates their roots by preaching the gospel of hard rock on their third release Electric Ministry. Wanting to get the Nineties out their system, DC4 chose to focus on guitar rock, add some serious metal attitude, and essentially turn the knobs to eleven. Highly recommended! 4.5 0f 5 stars!”
Dominic Walsh - Dawn of the deaf webzine UK “The years of experience in Dio, Armored Saint and even the luminary Odin provide the backbone to what is, overall, a great album and I would love to see these guys live. I can see these songs creating a great, old fashioned, beer soaked rock and roll atmosphere”
Metal.DE 9 of 10! "Groove, dirt, hard rock and heavy metal go hand in hand and all this with an attitude that is unparalleled!"
Steel Druhm - Angry Metal Guy “They play a metallized hard rock style that can be compared to classic era Van Halen if Dimebag Darrel was the guitarist and songwriter. Yes, I mean that. They effectively craft songs with big, pumping, meaty riffs and hooks galore. Its essentially panties-on-the-head party metal with a sleazy, “good times” vibe that veers into dark, disturbing areas at times.”
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